Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Calling Vascokars...

Kiran Mesta of Vasco has been long keen to set up a user-group in Goa's port town. He has been phoning at regular intervals, to check out this possibility.

Most recently, he mentioned that a friend -- Microchip Computers, Opposite the Tourist Hostel/Sanman -- was willing to offer a setting for the meetings.

Vascokars, if you are keen to have a LUG in your own town, please talk to Kiran on 9822 181579. We'd surely like to follow-up on this activity. Looking forward to meeting Kiran in Vasco this week, and making something happen.

As Kiran said, "We'd like to learn about (GNU)Linux." I agree. Having a local LUG (GNU/Linux User Group) and sharing information is the best way of making that happen. We learn, we share, and everyone learns! FN


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