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NAVHIND TIMES: Steep rise in suicidal cases reported in Vasco

NAVHIND TIMES: Steep rise in suicidal cases reported in Vasco

NT, December 29, 2005


Dec 28: Under the Vasco sub-divisional police jurisdiction, there has been a steep rise in suicide cases reported in 2005.

The Vasco sub-divisional police jurisdiction, which comprises of Vasco police station, Mormugao police station, Verna police station and Vasco railway police station, registered 41 suicidal cases.

The highest suicidal cases were reported in Vasco itself, wherein 21 persons have committed suicide whereas Verna and Vasco railway police stations recorded 15 and 4 cases respectively, and Mormugao police station had only one suicidal case.

Focussing on the rise of suicidal cases, the sub-divisional magistrate and deputy collector of Mormugao Levinson Martins stated that Vasco, being a cosmopolitan town, the mobility of the people was of the labour class.

"Majority of the labourers reside in thickly populated areas and the disparity in the sex ratio is alarming. Under such circumstances, due to frustration, man and women are forced to take drastic step," he said.

Mr Martins further informed that a majority of those who committed suicides were migrants. He further stated that there was an urgent need to create awareness among the general public as to why the suicide cases were increasing at an alarming rate.

Mr Martins opined that as suicide was a social and sensitive issue, the volunteers from non-governmental organisations (NGOs), social workers with the help of general public should try to come out with a solution.

Besides suicide cases, the Vasco sub-divisional police jurisdiction has also registered 59 natural deaths and 63 fatal accidents. The highest number of fatal deaths registered till date include Verna (20), Vasco (18), Mormugao (13) and Vasco railway (12).

There were eight murder and homicide cases registered under the Vasco sub-divisional police jurisdiction. The Vasco police registered four cases of murder and all were detected.

Two cases of attempt to murder, one culpable homicide, one dacoity, four rape and 43 theft cases were registered in the Vasco sub-divisional police jurisdiction. All the above cases were detected, expect the theft cases wherein the police succeeded in deteching only 21 out of 43 cases.


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